Another day away from home
and the desert sands glow red on Mars

Donning fatigues come
with a lifetime of lessons
and I have nothing to say about the way
the flag weeps for those not here today
What we did, we did for our brothersDont ask me again
to our left and our right.

I don’t know where you’ve been
but I can see you don’t know shit
To ask me of the friends I’ve lost
That pain is unforgettable
Pouring out buckets of water on our truck floor
Draining the soul of the brother you lost.
The day is not over, and there’s much left to do.

Dont ask me again1

I dare you to ask me again
about brothers, I’ve lost.
Ask me about, closed casket ceremonies.
The courage you claim we have
is vacant in facing their families,
except in seeking their vengeance,
Though it may never settle our guilt.

Their final farewell, The Last Roll Call
Chanting the names of the soldiers attending.
“Present First Sergeant” shouts the private in the back
“Present First Sergeant” shouts the Sergeant in the front
Then silence ensues, “Corporal Ramirez,” and we fight…
We find the strength not to look away…
and we fight, “Corporal Justin Ramirez.”

So if there is something you must know,
Ask me if I’d do it again for the brothers I knew.

Sweaty brown men on the surface of Mars
REDCON-1 and we are ready to go



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