The Plastic Yellow Soccer Ball
shoots past the makeshift goal post
on the pebbled dirt road where kids play barefooted.
They may not be innocent but for the moment
they are liberated from the world.
And only fate is to say if moments from now
their fame is destroyed in the mangled remains…
The mangled limbs of your doppelgänger son
Inside the black sack-like potatoes

The war that you seek
is not where people go die
Iraq was a place that related to home
where I played on pebbled dirt roads with orange
plastic soccer balls, barefooted without Zapatos.
A country my mother fled from
for a country In which I’ve fought for
If you should ask me about the war or people I’ve killed
I’ll tell you instead of a pebbled dirt road with a plastic soccer ball.

As a reader, I don’t like reading something and wonder what it means; as a writer, I don’t like giving too much away as to underline the theme. So it hurts me to go into this but I’m doing it for the non-Spanish and non-Arabic speakers.

Zapatos is the Spanish word for shoes and it’s origin comes from Arabic when the Arabs invaded and conquered southern Spain from the 8th Century to the 12th century. I wanted to bring the two world closer together, not only in the imagery but also in the language.¬†


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