If you’ve considered pursuing a career in writing or considered starting your own blog, you’ve probably heard the lines: “But you can’t legitimately sustain yourself, writing.” or “That field is niche, and it’s hard to be successful as a travel blogger.”

I’m here to tell you on behalf of your future readers that those nay-sayers don’t know what they are talking about. I know that surely many will oppose this view; for those of you reading, hear me out. What’s the difference between two travel bloggers talking about say, Chicago? I use Chicago as an example because I wrote a blog about it, Click Here.

The difference between travel bloggers is their perspectives and personalities. Their individual views or the places they’ve visited are the sole contributing factors for what makes it onto your screen.

Furthermore, a travel blogger may go to visit the same place they’ve written on before and find an entirely different voice than their first visit. Places change, people change, seasons and cultures affect change.

“The difference between travel bloggers is their perspectives and personalities.”

Listen up, this part is important, any distaste a reader has with your content is a matter of their preferences (assuming your grammar and writing are not distracting).

There are readers for everybody, you just need to harness your own views of the world (sorry for the cheesiness). Of course, it means also being flexible and adapting your own style too, but that’s a topic for another blog.

Grant your writing the respect and legitimacy that it deserves. Pursue your desire for writing.

“Grant your writing the respect and legitimacy that it deserves.”

If you are willing to do odd jobs on the side to sustain yourself, do it. If you are willing to stay in questionable places, do it.

Consider that it may not pay well but that it is never-the-less a legitimate career path for you if you choose to be a vagabond.

My references are towards travel bloggers, but the same applies to whatever you care to write about. If you are passionate about something you are writing about, you are embedding your own authenticity into it. Embrace that and write about it, nobody else will.


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