Hi, my name is Manny, and I have a drinking problem. I’m¬†kidding. I, in fact, do not have a drinking problem. I’ve never fought with my whiskey; rather we get along quite well.

Writing is more than something artistic. Writing for me is timeless and filled with the gravity of experience. Writing shares intimate moments in a world foreign to the¬†captureabout-authord reader. Writing creates and destroys, it informs and negates, it’s a vessel and a destination, and so much more. I’ve always striven to write in some capacity and so bought a home for all my writing to live in, here.

I am a six year veteran of the US Army. I was stationed out of Rose Barracks, Germany when I was deployed with 1st Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment. We operated in Baghdad, Iraq during the surge between 2007 to 2008, and predominantly focused on Sadr City.

Since getting out of the army, I’ve told some war stories to friends. I’ve written some down. Hell, I’ve even had some new stories to tell. That chapter is over, but I’ve since started many new and still interesting ones. I’ve found that in telling some of those stories, the experience was cathartic. We can’t tell every story and in fictionalizing some aspects we see the stories from a new intriguing light. I know I’ve found some humor in dark places and in doing so maybe I’ve changed the way I retell those stories.


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